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Wee Hooses Small Compact Loo Box with free delivery included. Arrives ready to use. All you need to to do is buy the sawdust and loo roll.


Approximate dimensions: 44cm wide 54cm tall (inc the closed seat) 54cm deep.


A simple design can be cut out of the front hatch. Animal, insect, shape, etc.


Let me know what you fancy or check our Facebook page for ideas.


This ready to use loo comes with 1 x Separator 1x Solid Pine Luxury Toilet Seat 1 x 20 Litre Solids Container 1 x 10 Litre Liquids Container 1x Strainer 32mm Pushfit Pipe Fitting 32mm Pushfit Sanitary Pipe, if you wish to drain the urine to a soakaway.

Wee Compost Loo Box

  • 44cm Wide

    54cm Tall

    54cm Deep


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